OFAC Designations: Iran Nuclear Research Participants

March 26, 2019:  Last week, OFAC added to the Iran SDN by sanctioning organizations and individuals in connection with an Iranian defense entity that was linked to Iran’s previous nuclear weapons efforts.  Altogether, OFAC and the U.S. Department of State designated 14 individuals and 17 entities.  For the full list of the entities and individuals designated, and the reasons for their designations, click here for the Treasury Department’s release.  For additional identifying information, see the OFAC list here.

The Treasury release noted activities such as weapons systems, materials, and explosion research on behalf of the Iranian’s SPND (Organization of Defensive Innovation and Research).  The designated entities and individuals are further said to have engaged in studies on electron acceleration and mass transfer, research related to electromagnetics, pulse power, and wave generation and projects to construct explosion simulators and built radiation and neutron monitoring and detection systems, among other things.

This is a summary.  Click the hyperlinks above for the complete documents.

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