Day: April 9, 2019

Global Trade
North Korea
UN Security Council

UN Panel Investigation Report: N Korea Sanctions Violations Encompassing Some 20 Countries

In March of 2019, the UN Panel issued a report of its in-depth investigation of possible violations of North Korean sanctions in 20 countries.  Highlights concern potential violations of military sanctions due to reports of clandestine procurement activities to support the North Korean nuclear program, reports of military cooperation between North Korea and Syria, Libya, Egypt, […]

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Global Trade

WTO Ruling in Ukraine-Russia Traffic in Transit Matter; Implications to the US

April 5, 2019:  The WTO finally ruled on a 2016 case filed by Ukraine against Russia, for preventing Ukraine’s use of Russia’s roadways and trail transit ways for movement of Ukrainian goods to end customers located outside of Russia (e.g., Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, etc.).  Russia took the position that it acted lawfully under WTO’s rules […]

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